" The most important thing is not what one sees - it’s what one imagines"

Léon Bellefleur

ichard has found inspiration in the works of Jean-Paul Riopelle, Jordi Bonet and Robert Rauschenberg. The merging of these influences has enabled him to develop a personal approach to artmaking which Richard calls “style libre.”

“It is a process I have developed in which no sketch or preparatory drawing preceeds the work,” says Richard. “Instead, the work of art evolves directly from a ‘lived artistic experience’ centered on liberty, chance, and gesture.”

“My works are made on either canvas or panel,” the artist continues. “I make use of spray paint as well as by 3D objects which are used as stencils. Afterwards, I collage pictures, cardboard, jewels, wood and image transfers into the works according to my inspiration. At the end I use acrylic paint to add details and emphasis to specific areas of the works.”